We who live here in the courtyard of Omne, in the small willage Nordingrå which is about 10 miles north of Sundsvall, & just a few miles from the wounderful Hihg Coast .
Is me Jessica, my partner Christian, and our two children
Emilia & Neoh.
Last but not least our beloved dogs,
The Boxers Diva, Lixta, Peps & Nita  
The frenchie Semla, Fibi, Ewi & Elwiz

Dogs or animals in general have always existed and been a great interest in the family, already since childhood have dogs of various breeds has been part of my upbringing.
My first dog was a King Charles spaniel that I got from my parents.
But my dream had always been to have a big dog, it did not happen this time ...
So naturally the first thing I did when I left home was to get a big dog, a Great Dane named Rolex.
A few years after that Chinese Crested was introduced in my life, I was blown away by its personality, and it ended with a bitch named Smilla moved in, later even My become part of our family.

Time passed and I began more and more aware that I wanted a breed to work with.
I've always liked the boxer so the choice was pretty simple.
We also wanted a small dog with a lot of speed who could resist and keep up with the boxer.
French Bulldog became the choice and that's the way we are.

It is now more recently that we started to interest us & involved with breeding on a small scale.
We decided also to apply for a kennel name & after many thoughts, we managed to finally arrive whit:
which is a combination of our names.

We are registered in FCI & members of the Swedish Kennel Club, Swedish Working Dog Club, Gavle Working Dog club, Boxer Club and the French Bulldog Club.


Our aim with the kennel is mainly to breed healthy, typical & beloved familymembers, friendly, confident dogs that are suitable in most things.

We aim that all our offspring undergoes
MH, HD & knee x-ray (boxer),
patella & hartexamination (french bulldog).

Of course we would prefer that the dogs will be shown on any official dogshow, as well as boxers undergoes MT!
We also bring out some dogs to co-owner and then the graining (MT) and offical shows at a few times will be set as an requirement.
This brings us to evaluate our breeding.


Welcome to
contact us
at interest and with any questions!

Me & Chrille with Wolf & Lixta as BOB & BOS